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Save WhatsApp Status on your mobile


Save WhatsApp Status on your mobile


WhatsApp recently added an ability to share stories and status to your friends. Unfortunately, these stories disappear only for 24 hours and they disappear. Many of us wanted to view the expired WhatsApp story after 24 hours of the status update. Also, WhatsApp hasn’t given an option to save or download the WhatsApp story images or videos directly to your phone. So, in this post, I am going to share a trick to save the WhatsApp status or stories to your gallery and also a way to view the expired WhatsApp story.

How to save WhatsApp stories / Status on Android phones

The way to save the WhatsApp story or status is the same way to view the expired WhatsApp stories. This is the simple tutorial and you can save any type of media like images, Videos, and GIF to your phone Gallery.

  1. Make sure you have an advanced File manager on your Android phone. Else, download it from the play store. I would recommend ES File Explorer as I am using it in this tutorial.
  2. Next, open file explorer and go to Menu and select the “Show hidden files” option.How to save WhatsApp stories / Status on Android phones
  3. Now, go to your internal storage and open the following file path. WhatsApp>Media.
  4. In the media folder, you would notice the folder named .Statuses. What this means is that WhatsApp is automatically saving all your Stories/ Status but not displaying it in your Phone Gallery.View expired WhatsApp stories and statuses
  5. By this way, you can view all your expired WhatsApp Status or stories even after the 24 hours of its upload.
  6. If you want to display these stories and status in your phone gallery or photo App then make sure you remove the. (dot) from the.Statuses folder.
  7. Another way of doing this is you can Copy all the media from the .Statuses folder, create a new folder and paste into it. Now, all your friends Status and stories will be displayed in your mobile Gallery.

By this way, you can easily save or download the WhatsApp stories or even view the expired status. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t won’t on the iPhone and I will soon share a way to save WhatsApp stories on iPhones.Also, check out the tutorial to move WhatsApp to SD Card.If you are a tech geek or someone who is interested in reading about new tech tricks, don’t forget to visit Today Tech. If you find it helpful then share it with your friends and also make sure to subscribe to receive future updates.


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